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 International Churches of Christ
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kevinmanuel · 8 months ago
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  • The International Churches of Christ is a body of co-operating religiously conservative, and racially integrated Christian congregations. Beginning with 30 members in 1979 they grew to 19,172 members within the first 10 years. Currently they are numbered at 110,000. A formal break was made from the mainline Churches of Christ in 1993 with the organization of the International Churches of Christ.418 The ICOC believes that the whole Bible is the inspired Word of God and that each person is saved by the grace of God, if and when they place their faith in and become a disciple of Jesus Christ, repent and are baptized.
  • It is a family of over 650 churches spread across some 155 nations.They consider themselves non-denominational. The structure is intended to avoid two extremes: "overly centralised authority" on the one side and "disconnected autonomy" on the other side.The largest congregation, the Los Angeles Church of Christ, has over 6000 members.The largest church service was held in 2012 at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas, during a World Discipleship Summit, with 17,800 in attendance.
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