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kevinmanuel · 8 months ago
Hi, The International Christian Church (ICC) is a restorationist, conservative , fundamentalist , Christian non-denominational church. One of the foundational beliefs of the church is "the evangelization of all nations in one generation." Beginning in 2006 with 800 members in 16 churches, now twelve years later the ICC claims a worldwide membership of 5500 members, across 92 churches, in 35 nations.The ICC's primary pillar church is in Los Angeles California and is currently lead by Tim & Lianne Kernan.. One of the greatest concerns about the church have been raised by former leaders; a corporate structure, high turnover of members, intolerance, questionable doctrines and forced financial giving. The ICC has its roots in a movement that reaches back to the period of the Second Great Awakening (1790–1870) of early nineteenth-century America. Barton W. Stone and Alexander Campbell are credited with what is today known as the Stone-Campbell or Restoration Movement. There are a number of branches of the Restoration movement and the ICoC was formed from within the Churches of Christ. Specifically, it was born from a "discipling" movement that arose among the mainline Churches of Christ during the 1970s. This discipling movement developed in the campus ministry of Chuck Lucas. For More Details:- Explainer video agency Thanks

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